Friday, May 23, 2008

Doyle Hotel - Duncannon, PA

I made it to the Doyle in Duncannon today! Bar downstairs with cheap beer, and tator tots, plus a cheap room (Gobbles and I split the cost of one with 2 beds - $30 total!). I'm taking a day off tomorrow to rest my feet and recover a bit and get some food for the next week or so.

I hit my 100 mile mark early yesterday. I've been doing pretty big miles for just starting out, but so far the only problems are the freaking huge blisters on my right foot and the medium blisters on my left foot! I've been stretching and making good use of my trekking poles so everything else is feeling pretty good.

I've been hiking with Gobbles and Maytag. I also keep seeing a few people that don't have trail names yet, including 2 guys hiking with a cute dog. That makes it much better than hiking alone.

We hiked through some farmland yesterday. It was really pretty, but also really muddy. Finally a non-raining day, but my feet were completely soaked from the mud. Today was better, my feet dried out and now my shoes are just dirt crusted.

Met some of the guys that started in GA the other day. They are good to talk to, have lots of advice. They are doing huge miles, 20+ almost every day, up to 30 miles some days.

It was great to take a shower today and I'm going to get to do laundry!

Great to hear from you all in the comments! I'll try to figure out a way to get pictures on the blog, I haven't been to a big enough store to have the doohicky that I need to do it easily. Plus most hotel/hostel computers don't allow it. I have been trying to send somewhat frequent text messages to the blog, so keep checking the sidebar for those!

Bye for now! Laundry time!

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Cheryl said...

about those blisters - ouch! I hope they are healing/going away. Also hope it stops raining and you get some nice sunshiney days. We are keeping you in our thoughts. Cheryl